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Your home is more than four walls and a roof. It's a symbol of your security and prosperity. And, it's probably your biggest investment.

Also, inside those walls are possessions and valuables that make your house a home - and those items need protection as well. A standard homeowners policy safeguards your home and possessions against:
   •  Sudden and accidental damage from electrical current
   •  Fire and lightning Homeowners Insurance
   •  Windstorms and hail
   •  Explosions
   •  Smoke damage
   •  Freezing
   •  Theft
   •  Glass breakage
   •  Falling objects
   •  Weight of ice, snow or sleet
   •  Accidental discharge of water or steam
   •  Vehicles
   •  Vandalism and malicious mischief

Personal Inland Marine Floater or Scheduled Items

Personal Inland Marine Floater or Scheduled Items is used to insure valuable personal property that often requires broader coverage than what is provided by an insured's homeowner policy, due to the various exclusions and limitations on homeowners coverages.

Items such as jewelry, furs, silver, fine arts, antiques, collectibles and other valuables need to be insured separately (scheduled) to make sure that in the case of a loss you can recover their stated value. Your items are assessed when you begin the policy and the value obtained is written into the policy.

Renter's and Condominium Owner's Insurance

As a renter or condo owner, you need insurance to protect you, your family and your belongings. You have special insurance needs that are not served with a traditional homeowner's policy. While your landlord or condo association might have insurance, it only protects the building. We can provide you with insurance protection for your furniture, appliances, clothing and other personal possessions. Your landlord's insurance policy will not cover your possessions from fire, theft, water damage and other occurrences.

Mobile Home

Mobile Home policies are similar to a homeowner's insurance policy but are more suited to protecting your mobile home.

Personal Umbrella

Unforeseen accidents can happen at any time and monetary damage awards from lawsuits continue to increase. A personal umbrella policy offers additional protection beyond your standard homeowners, auto, or boat polices provide, and helps to eliminate gaps and adds an extra layer in your liability coverage only after the limits of the underlying primary policies are exhausted.

Check with us to see if an umbrella policy makes sense for you.

Flood Coverage

Often homeowners don't realize homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. Insurance against flood must be obtained separately. A flood insurance policy will cover flood damage as well as damage prevention done by sandbagging your homes, moving furniture and removing debris.

If FEMA's maps show your home sits in a 100-year flood plain, you will be required to obtain federal flood insurance in order to get a mortgage. If you live outside a high-risk zone, or if you no longer have a mortgage, flood insurance is optional, but highly recommended.

To be eligible for a Preferred Risk Policy, the building must be in a B, C, or X Zone on the effective date of the initial term of the flood policy. Then, if otherwise eligible, continuous coverage guarantees Preferred Risk eligibility, even if there is a subsequent zone change.

Identity Theft

Identity TheftAs identity theft continues, a rising number of insurers are offering services to policyholders that help reclaim one's identity and shut down fraudulent accounts.

Some insurers are offering either ID-theft loss reimbursements or identity-restoration services on their homeowner policy.

For information on Identity theft coverage, please contact us.


Ask us about homeowners discounts (varies by insurance company) that make our coverage even more affordable:
   •  Security or fire alarm discounts
   •  Sprinkler system discounts
   •  Account credit (insuring both your home and auto with the same carrier)
   •  Non smoking discounts
   •  Mature homeowners credits
   •  Loss free discounts
   •  Safe home credit
   •  Renewal Credit


There are common misunderstandings regarding coverage in homeowners policies. For example, here are some examples of items that are not covered by standard homeowners insurance policies:
   •  Coverage from flood
   •  Earthquake coverage
   •  Damages from mold
   •  Damages from vermin, rodents, termites or other infestations

Landlord Dwelling

Investment PropertiesInvestment properties are an important area to have proper insurance coverage and it can be complicated. Why? Because the landlord often has little or no control with what happens on the premise. What pets does the tenant own? Is the tenant properly deicing the sidewalk in front of the house? Are the smoke detector batteries current?

We have access to single and multi-family landlord dwelling policies to make sure your assets are appropriately protected.

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